Can Biodegradable Plastic Bags Replace Traditional Plastic Bags?

Jun. 09, 2021

Degradable plastic bags are made of plant straws, which are friendly to the human body and the environment. This is different from the other three main synthetic plastics. After biodegradation, it is harmless to the human body and the environment, so it is more in line with the needs of long-term development.

As supermarkets and shopping malls no longer provide free plastic bags, restaurants and hotels no longer provide disposable plastic products, and garbage sorting will be gradually implemented in various places. In recent years, the concept of environmental protection has become the focus of attention. . With the escalation of plastic restrictions, our lives are gradually changing. For example, many large shopping malls and supermarket chains have stopped selling traditional plastic bags and replaced them with non-woven bags or biodegradable Kunming plastic bags. And in the fast-moving consumer goods packaging field, it has gradually realized the use of biodegradable plastic products to replace traditional plastic products. Packaging fields such as lunch boxes and express delivery are also a larger replacement market for biodegradable plastics. However, due to the higher cost of biodegradable plastic bags, most of them are sold at a price of about 1 yuan, so it will still take some time to become popular.

In addition, increasing the recycling of plastic products is more in line with the current environmental industry consensus. As traditional Kunming plastic bags are difficult to achieve biodegradability, changing plastics to recyclable and reusable plastics is also a manifestation of environmental protection. Roughly speaking, the packaging bag uses a composite structure of a single material or a multi-layer co-extruded PE structure made of a single material. Since it is a single material, it can be 100% melted and recycled.

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