How To Identify Degradable Garbage Bags?

May. 24, 2021

The biodegradable plastic bag has a unified environmental mark in China, which is a quality mark composed of green hills, green hills, sunshine, and ten rings. If it is a plastic bag for food, it is also necessary to print the food hygiene certification QS mark and mark it as "for food".

Since the raw materials of degradable plastics are tapioca starch and methyl cellulose, the degradation time is about 100 days under normal natural conditions. In other words, the shelf life of degradable plastic bags* is about 3 months. Even if it is not used, it will be downgraded within five months. In the sixth month, the plastic bag will be covered with "small snowflakes" and cannot be used. Under the composting standard, even newly produced degradable plastic bags can be completely degraded within 3 months.

Biodegradable plastic bags and tableware are a new type of biodegradable material. Generally speaking, plastic bags and tableware are involved in the "white garbage" problem, which is insoluble on the ground and harmful to food crops, water resources, livestock and people themselves. After the degradable plastic products are buried in the soil layer, because the surrounding natural environment can consider the dissolution requirements, they will completely dissolve into carbon dioxide and water, which belongs to the organic chemical cycle system and does not cause harm to the human body and the natural environment.

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