How To Purchase Plastic T-shirt Bags?

Apr. 21, 2021

Huamao Evergreen Industry Co.,Ltd is equipped with film blowing machines, printing machines, bag making machines, etc. It seems that there are only three processes, but not just three processes. According to the needs of customers, design, typesetting, printing; to determine the content and classification, the plate making company generally needs 3 days and wait for a period of time. Under normal circumstances, plastic film is used when making plates. The above work is ready, printing, sealing and punching can be carried out as required. After the finished plastic bag, the customer's requirements for transportation and packaging are formed.

In commercial activities, the use of vest bags is also increasing. For example, real estate custom advertising bags, custom supermarket shopping bags, etc., when purchasing plastic bags, there are many things to say, do you know?

1. Is it new material production?

Some plastic bags made of inferior raw materials have a heavy peculiar smell. Not only can they not be used for clothes, but even if they are used as garbage bags, they will feel that they are not safe enough. Such plastic bags cannot be used for packaging food. When purchasing plastic bags, manufacturers must be required to use them. Production of new raw materials, otherwise customized plastic bags may have a negative impact.

2. Design style

Some people say, do shopping bags in shopping malls depend on the design style? Of course, you need to pay attention to choosing the corresponding style according to the items you need in plastic bags. The style is corresponding, and it can be more convenient and easy to achieve packaging. Secondly, if the handle position of the plastic bag is designed to be wider, carry the items. There will be no serious weight-bearing feeling, and it will be more comfortable.

3. T-shirt bag tensile resistance

When purchasing plastic bags, first check whether the plastic bags have a certain degree of tensile resistance. If the tensile properties are poor, the bag will be damaged if you pull the bag gently during use. You need to pay attention to lifting heavy objects. At times, it is more likely to deform or break the handle. Therefore, when purchasing, you must first pull the bag with appropriate strength. If the tensile strength is good, the quality of the bag will be better during use.

In addition to the above three points, you should also pay attention to choosing a vest bag to pack different items. The plastic bag for packaging food needs to be white or transparent, and the color of the shopping bag should be customized according to needs. The plastic bag of the garbage bag needs to be dark and have strong stretchability.

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