Mesh Bags — the Best Choice for Packaging the Vegetables and Fruits

Sep. 08, 2021

Mesh bags are a very common packaging material, widely used in the packaging and transportation of vegetables and fruits. They are widely used in the transport industry of agricultural products. It is very suitable to use mesh bags to store potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes and other agricultural products.

Mesh Bag Packaging Potato

Mesh Bag Packaging Potato

The mesh bag is a mesh bag manufacturer that uses polypropylene and polyethylene resin as the main raw materials, adds a small amount of auxiliary materials, mixes them, and melts them through an extruder. The extruded plastic film is cut into filaments and stretched below the melting temperature of the resin. Molecular orientation and heat setting are made into high-strength, low-elongation flat yarn, which is then made by winding, weaving, cutting and stitching.

The Benefits of the  Mesh Bags



Because the raw material of the mesh bag is plastic. Compared with other materials, plastics have the following characteristics: chemical resistance, luster, partly transparent or translucent, most of them are good insulators, light and strong, easy to process, can be mass-produced, cheap, widely used, and versatile , Easy to color, high temperature resistance. So it is elastic, strong, not easy to deform, and tough.


Easy to Store and Transport

The vegetable net bag provides good air circulation for the agricultural products inside, so it is very suitable for thick-skinned fruits and vegetables. For products that require air circulation, such as potatoes, onions, garlic and tomatoes, plastic mesh bags are required. Plastic mesh bags can not only ensure the ventilation conditions of vegetables and fruits, ensure their quality and freshness, but also facilitate transportation and transportation.



In addition, the vegetable mesh bag can be reused, as long as there are no problems such as disconnection, damage, etc., it can be reused all the time. This saves users a lot of costs on packaging. Moreover, according to the vegetable farmer's door, vegetables of different prices can be distinguished according to the color of the net bag.


Low Cost

Vegetable net bag manufacturers believe that the production and processing of net bags is easy, can be mass-produced, and the production cost is low, which further reduces the cost of enterprises and users.

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