Popularization Of Knowledge Of Degradable Garbage Bags

Aug. 05, 2021

Ordinary plastic bags need to be replaced by green degradable plastic bags. At this time, everyone may wonder what kind of bag is green and degradable? Today, Brings the knowledge of degradable garbage bags degradable garbage bags popularized.

The currently industrialized biomass plastic garbage bags mainly include two categories. One is based on starch, plant cellulose and other ingredients as raw materials, modified and blended with other biodegradable plastics or ordinary plastics separately or in different proportions, and then made into a fully biodegradable or partially biodegradable plastic. Degradable plastics, such as starch-based plastics. The other is biodegradable plastic garbage bags, such as polyhydroxyalkanoate (PIIA), which is directly synthesized from renewable resources such as starch and molasses through dust or engineering. Or take starch, straw and fish scales and other agricultural and sideline products as raw materials, synthesize monomers through fermentation, and then synthesize degradable garbage bags such as polylactic acid through chemical synthesis.

The main reason why ordinary plastic bags can be replaced by biodegradable bags is that their chemical structure is different from traditional plastics, so they can be degraded by microorganisms.

The principle of the decomposition of biodegradable materials currently known is mostly due to the degradation of microorganisms under anaerobic digestion equipment. Its raw material composition is PLA+PBAT; after the bag is used and buried in the soil for 6 months, it can become fertilizer to nourish the earth and support the plants of nature.

The PLA material alone degrades relatively slowly and takes a long time, but after it is blended with the PBAT material, it is now a general-purpose green plastic. The experimental results also prove that the plastic bags made of PLA+PBAT is completely degraded within about half a year. When the degradation performance of Black Garbage Bags is required, the index of heavy metal content has been increased, and strict requirements have been imposed.