Where Can Garbage Bags Be Used?

Feb. 20, 2021

As a user, we have the right to use garbage bags directly and completely. The main function of garbage bags is to store garbage. Garbage bags or portable garbage bags are no exception. What kind of scene do you want to use? What garbage do you want to use? This is our own freedom. In addition, we cannot decide on garbage bags ourselves. Hard to say!

In this case, let us consider the places and scenarios where trash bags can be used.

Scene 1: Waste sorting

Garbage bags can be made into small sizes and different colors for domestic garbage classification; they can also be made into large sizes and different colors for outdoor sanitation and residential properties.

Scene 2: Hotel garbage bags

Garbage bags can be made into small sizes, mainly white or gray, for use in hotel rooms; they can also be made large, mainly black, for use in hotel lobbies, public areas, dining areas and other applications.

Scene 3: Trash bags on campus and educational office buildings

Garbage bags can be made into small black-based garbage bags for campuses, educational institutions or commercial office buildings, and can also be used for ordinary indoor small garbage bins; they can also be made into large-size black garbage bags that can be used for these Building corridors, elevator entrances, stairwells.

Scene 4: Garbage bags in gardens and scenic spots

The use of garden scenic spots is generally a large garbage bag with a flat mouth. Due to the particularity of site use, its bearing capacity requirements are also relatively high. Choose a thicker one!

In fact, there are many application scenarios for garbage bags, and each one is written out, and the space is limited. As for garbage bags, where are they used? Kitchens, guest rooms, bathrooms, corridors, elevator entrances, streets, tourist attractions, airports, stations, subways, amusement parks, parks, classrooms, playgrounds, garbage stations, etc. can be seen everywhere. It is recommended to use trash cans together.

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